April 30 Day Challenge Day 13: Ruffian

I’m getting a bit behind with my posts… I did this manicure for day 13 of the April Challenge on Friday but went away for a weekend in Madrid and have only just got round to sorting out a post.

I had never done a Ruffian manicure before and it was one that I didn’t feel all that sure about. I’ve seen some that look great and others that just look like someone was too lazy to remove the last lot of polish they were wearing…

I followed a simple tutorial from Lacquerized and decided to add the little rhinestones as a finishing touch. I’d read that it was best to use a nice opaque polish for the second colour so that you only need one coat of it and I thought the colour I chose, The Last Trial by Anny fit the bill. When I did it on Friday evening it looked great and a really nice dark pink. On Saturday morning when I took the photos in the sunshine in Madrid I realised the polish had completely changed colour overnight and had become a brownish pink/red! I guess some of the green was showing through or the pink had absorbed some of the green in the drying process. So I wouldn’t say this photo is particularly representative of The Last Trial on its own!

I’ll catch up with my other posts soon!


I used: Def Defying – China Glaze, The Last Trial – Anny


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