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33DC: Featuring my favourite brand

I can’t say I truly have a favourite brand but I do have a lot of Nails Inc polishes, mainly due to their fantastic lucky dip promotions and the fact that my mum knows I like their polishes and that they’re a gift I’ll appreciate when I go to visit her in England! I also love the range of colours Nails Inc has and am always finding new shades to lust after…

I didn’t have a strong idea of what I wanted to do for this day of the challenge but felt it should be something a bit more simple than my other manis so far in this challenge so it emphasised the polish and the colours I’d picked rather than my nail art skills. I realised that I had never tried a cloud manicure before and thought this was the perfect opportunity to try out this simple but effective design.

It’s a bold and uncomplicated look which I really like and as a bonus, doesn’t take too long to do!


I used: Grosvenor Street – Nails Inc, Baker Street – Nails Inc, Hampstead Gardens – Nails Inc.

Polish Packing

I’m spending 2 months in the UK this summer and that meant having to decide what polish and nail art supplies to bring with me. Obviously I didn’t want to fill my suitcase with polish (well maybe I did, but I need some work clothes etc. too!) so it was a really tough job selecting just a few polishes to last me over the next 2 months.

Here’s what I finally packed

ImageI tried to select the most useful colours for nail art, with just a light and dark shade of each colour.

I also cheated just a little bit because I had ordered a two “lucky dips” from Nails Inc a couple of months before which I had delivered to my mum’s house to pick up while I was in the UK. So if you’re thinking “hang on! she forgot a (certain colour)” for example a bright blue, here’s the picture she sent me of what I got…

ImageWhat polishes and nail art related items would you take if you were going away for 2 months?



Glitter Glitter Glitter

As I said in my last post I ended up with a lot of glitter polishes over the Christmas period and around new year I did various glittery manicures. All the polishes I used were Nails Inc as I had ordered a selection of colours to be delivered to my mum in the UK (they don’t deliver to Spain and cost a lot more in Sephora here than in the UK) which I had planned to pick up when I went to visit over Christmas time. My mum had had the same bright idea and also ordered me a whole load of Nails Inc polishes so I ended up with tons of new colours – lucky me!


The green is Symons Street covered in gold glitter: Chelsea Embankment with purple glittery tips: Bow Street (although you can’t quite tell they’re purple glitter here) All Nails Inc


The blue/purple is Belgrave Place with a pink glitter stripe of Chelsea Square (both Nails Inc)


Tan coloured Cadogan Square with pink Princes Arcade over the top (both Nails Inc)

My mum is usually a strictly neutral shades person but was quite jealous of my glittery fingers and thought she’d get in on the festive glitter act.



In the first pic she’s got Porchester Square covered with Marylebone pink and silver 3D glitter and in the second she has The Boltons with an Electric Lane holographic topcoat (which incidentally she loved so much that it didn’t manage to make the journey back to Spain with me!) Again, all Nails Inc.

So fun times with my mum and loads of lovely new polishes. The only thing lacking was my photographer boyfriend to take good shots of the nails as we spent Christmas and New Year apart this year, so these pics are probably not up to the usual standard.