33DC: Shapes

I was inspired by nail studs for this one! I don’t actually own any nail studs myself but love the look of the single line of studs down the middle of the nail, so thought I would try a colourful, hand painted version of this with various shapes.

Some shapes have come out better than other but overall I quite like this mani. It’s fun and bright and a little different.


I used: My Boyfriend Scales Walls РOPI, Dreamer РRevlon, Do You Lilac It? РOPI, Notting Hill Carnival РNails Inc, Boudoir РCiat̩

33DC: Lines

I didn’t wanted to do just stripes for this day of the challenge so I went on a bit of a trawl through google images for some inspiration. I came across this mani and loved the heart design on it so I thought I’d give it a try myself. My hearts were probably more successful and recognisable than my stars and it was a really fun one to try. I enjoyed wearing these and was slightly sad to take them off.


I used: Just Gorgeous – Anny, If I Were a Boy – Essence, Azure – Rimmel, Life is a Freeride – Essence, Elizabeth Street – Nails Inc, Sensation – Color Addict, Miami pINK – Catrice, Pineapple Juice – Rituals, Bring Me Peach – Catrice, Secret of Love – Anny.