sunset nail art

Day 14 Pre-Spring Challenge: Recreate

It was so difficult to decide what to do today! I spent ages going through all the great designs everyone’s come up with over the last two weeks and trying to pick one to recreate. In the end I didn’t choose just one but two combined!

I wanted to try the waves which Flight of Whimsy did for day 11. However, after all the stress I’ve put my nails through over the last two weeks of polish remover, I just couldn’t bear the idea of having to scrub off a holo or glitter polish in the near future! So I started to think about what else I could do in the background and figured it could be a way to combine two designs – so I picked another day 11 beach mani from Nail Art Addictions and decided to include the cute palm tree on my little finger.


It turned out to be quite different from the originals but a bright and fun one to do. Thanks for the inspiration!

I used: Psychedelic Orange – Rimmel, Kalahari Kiss – China Glaze, Vintage Gold – Rimmel, Dreamer – Revlon (for the background) a selection of different blues for the wave itself – way too many to list! Fringe – Urban Decay (for the palm leaves)

I’ve really enjoyed doing this challenge and have tried new things, learnt new skills and got loads of ideas for future manicures I want to do – so a big thanks to Polish Alcoholic and Mommy Loves Nail Polish for organising and to everyone else for all the beautiful designs!

Day 13 Pre-Spring Challenge : Sponging

My inspiration for this came while I was watching a nature documentary about bears and there was a beautiful shot of two bears on a hill silhouetted against a purple orange sunset.

I was pretty pleased with my sponged gradient, it looked quite smooth and glittery in the sunshine today. The bear I tried to do caused me considerably more headaches… In the end I was reasonably satisfied with the bear on my ring finger but the one on my middle finger has become a random forest critter rather than a bear… By the time I’d given up on finished the bear and friend I didn’t have much patience left for doing nice trees!



I used: Tristam – A England, Impulsive – Revlon, Sensation – Color Addict, Psychedelic Orange – Rimmel, Yellow – Sweets Sweet, black acrylic paint.