Twin Post with Pretty Quirky: Hard Candy

Firstly, this is going to be my last post for a while as I underestimated just how busy my summer job would be and right now I barely have time to get a fresh coat of polish on my nails, let alone do any nail art or blog about it. So I’ll be back in August.

This is a great post to leave you on though as I was paired up with the super talented Morven who not only blogs about her beautiful nail art but also has her own line of indie polishes (which I’m definitely gonna try soon)

The group theme for the month was candy and we got hard candy. We both likes the idea of swirly spirally patterns and it reminded me so much of water marble patterns that I suggested we do candy coloured water marbles. My water marbling has always been a bit hit and miss but I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out.


Check out Morven’s hard candy water marble here

I’m having problems with the inlinkz but will try and add it in when I’m at a computer so you can see what the others in the group have come up with.>


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