heart nail art

Valentine Nails with a Gradient

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but I’m lucky enough to be going away for a romantic Valentine’s weekend in the Andalucian countryside!

So as I wasn’t all that pleased with the first valentines day manicure that I did I thought I’d have another try at creating something pretty and girly with hearts and romance… (I’m allowed to feel all gooey and romantic at the moment – we’ve just booked our wedding date)

So here’s my valentine mani with a gradient.


I used: The Thames – Nails Inc, Porchester Square – Nails Inc, Warwick Avenue – Nails Inc (for the gradient), Where’s my Chauffeur – Essie, Life is a Freeride – Essence, Vintage Blue – Marionnaud (for the hearts).

Valentine’s Day

I wanted to do a valentine’s day manicure based on soft romantic pastels and did a hugely simplified version of mydesign4you’s black and red design in my favourite pastel shades.

However I felt that the pink pastel hearts got a bit lost and it was all a bit too soft and wishy-washy – not how I’d envisaged it looking at all!


So today I went over the hearts from yesterday’s manicure and used a bright pink and a pink glitter, which were completely different from the original soft pastel pink and turned it into a much bolder design.


In the end I’m not sure which I liked best. It’s not one of my best manicures and I feel a bit frustrated that I haven’t quite got the colour combination right. I’d love some opinions on this one – which looks best: the pale pink, the bright pink or the pink glitter?

I used: Dreamer – Revlon, Where’s my Chauffeur – Essie, Sumner Place – Nails Inc, Elizabeth Street – Nails Inc (the pale pink), Sensation – Color Addict (the bright pink), Ruby Ribbon – Revlon (the pink glitter)