April 30 Day Challenge Day 12: Fishtail Braid

I’d tried the fishtail manicure once before and loved the result so I was keen to have another go when I saw it was part of the April challenge. I wanted to do something a bit different with this one so it wasn’t just a repeat of last time and decided to try it with textured polishes. I wasn’t sure if it would work or if it would become too thick – it turned out quite well and I don’t think the texture made it much more difficult than a normal fishtail. I used all Kiko Sugar Mat polishes so they all had a similar consistency and thickness so that probably helped.

I’m quite pleased with them and must find some more creative ways of using my textured polishes.


I used: Sea Blue – Kiko, Golden Mandarin – Kiko, Starry Black – Kiko, Black – Decorative Nail


  1. awesome! I just did nail art with textured polishes last night. And they look cool…I didn’t want to buy them because I wasnt sure you COULD do art with them. wrong! The braid is an awesome idea 🙂

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