giddy polish

Sunday Sparkle: Voodoo – Giddy Polish

This is the last of the Giddy Polishes I have to show you. It’s very different from the other three polishes in the Magic Collection. It’s described as “a deep purple with beautiful blue, purple and red shimmer” which is a pretty accurate description.

It’s a lovely polish which applies well, the photo shows two coats of Voodoo on its own (no undies needed here). It’s also a nightmare to photograph! In some lights it looks absolutely amazing with the different colour micro glitters really sparkling and the purple base looking really rich. In the wrong light it just doesn’t look quite so amazing and seems a bit flat.

I liked this polish a lot and can see myself using it again in the future. I don’t think it’s quite as original and unusual as the other polishes in the collection but not everything has to be new to be good and this is a great, shimmery, sparkly polish.


In case you missed any of my previous posts here’s a quick pic showing the 4 polishes in the Magic Collection by Giddy Polish which I bought from her shop on Etsy.


Sunday Sparkle: Witches Brew – Giddy Polish

This is the third polish from Giddy Polish’s Magic collection I have for you and it was the one I was initially most excited by. I love the combination of the purple jelly base and red glitter pieces and was looking forward to trying it out.

I layered it over Faux Pas by Illamasqua and as with the other Giddy Polishes I’ve tried it was smooth and easy to apply. I found that like the others a lot of the glitter had sunk to the bottom of the bottle but I was still pleased with the amount of glitter that was in each coat. In these pictures I’ve used two coats of Witches Brew and love the smooth finish of the jelly.

I have one more Giddy Polish to show you after this. So far I’ve really liked the polishes from this Norwegian indie and hope to try more of their polishes in future.


Sunday Sparkle: Fairy Tears – Giddy Polish

Here’s the second polish from Giddy Polish’s Magic collection. It’s described as having “a light grey base, filled with beautiful bar glitters and different sizes of silver glitters”. The bar glitters are pink and turquoise and there is plenty of glitter in this one. Again, I noticed a lot of the glitter had sunk to the bottom and I couldn’t seem to get it to re-suspend but even one coat of the polish looked very glittery and with two coats, which I would expect to use with most glitter polishes, it looks great! It’s also very easy to apply and can be painted on without having to worry too much about the even distribution of glitter on the nail.

I like the cloudy grey base. Here I layered the polish over Sally Hansen’s Licorice which is a very dark grey, but the pale cloudy grey base of this polish really lightened it up. I have a feeling this would look nice over a silver base and might try that out next time.

It’s a very pretty polish and an unusual colour combination, so nice to have something a bit different in my collection. I don’t think I love it quite as much as Emotion Wizard which I swatched here last week, but it’s a fun and slightly more subtle glitter which is very wearable.

I bought this polish and the others in the Magic collection from The GiddyDesign store on Etsy.


Sunday Sparkle: Emotion Wizard – Giddy Polish

Today’s glittery offering comes from Giddy Polish – a Norway based indie polish which I came across while browsing Etsy for European indies. I treated myself to the Magic Collection which consists of 4 gorgeous looking polishes. This is the first I’ve actually tried on my nails.

It is described as “a seagreen base, filled with lots of blue and green glitters, in different shapes and sizes.” I layered it over Don’t Mess with OPI by OPI and the picture shows 4 coats of Emotion Wizard. I could have used fewer coats and it did look good after 2 or 3 but I wanted to try and get more depth in the glitter and jelly.

At first I was disappointed because a lot of the glitter seemed to have sunk to the bottom, especially the larger pieces and even with a bit of fishing, shaking and stirring I couldn’t get to them. But as I layered the polish on I decided it really didn’t matter because I really liked it the way it was! I liked the combination of glitter sizes, shapes and colours in the cloudy base and it was very easy and smooth to apply (once I stopped worrying about the larger pieces of glitter) and I loved the depth that multiple layers created.

I’m looking forward to trying out the other polishes in the Magic Collection!