retro nail art

Time Periods Challenge 16: 1980s

First of all I just have to say I’m sorry for having not posted for a couple of weeks. I’ve been working at a summer school as the Director of Studies and it has been one of the most intense and full-on jobs I’ve ever done. I really don’t have any free time and when I do, I’m way too tired to do anything particularly interesting on my nails. I’m actually going to take a break from blogging until mid-August when I finish the job and then I’m going to try and catch up with the Time Periods Challenge and the Around the World Challenge.

I did this manicure just before I left Spain but never got time to post it! I was inspired by an album cover I found one google image search – I can’t find it now, but it was a “Best of the 80s” kind of album. It had a neon rainbow with a black cassette tape over the top and it took the idea and ran with it.

I was pretty pleased and it was a fun mani to wear.



I do have the colours I used noted down somewhere and will update this post when I find my notebook.

Retro dots

Here’s a manicure I did a while ago and completely forgot to post. I saw this video by indigonova1 and really liked the effect. When I started doing it I decided I liked a simpler version better and didn’t add as much detail as in the original design.

I actually liked this manicure more when seen from a distance as the pattern looked really interesting and it wasn’t so obvious that it was just stripes ad dots! Unfortunately I didn’t ale any photos from further away, but it was a fun design that I’m bound to return to some day.


I used: Sumner Place – Nails Inc, Warwick Avenue – Nails Inc, Baker Street – Nails Inc.