Sunday Sparkle: Voodoo – Giddy Polish

This is the last of the Giddy Polishes I have to show you. It’s very different from the other three polishes in the Magic Collection. It’s described as “a deep purple with beautiful blue, purple and red shimmer” which is a pretty accurate description.

It’s a lovely polish which applies well, the photo shows two coats of Voodoo on its own (no undies needed here). It’s also a nightmare to photograph! In some lights it looks absolutely amazing with the different colour micro glitters really sparkling and the purple base looking really rich. In the wrong light it just doesn’t look quite so amazing and seems a bit flat.

I liked this polish a lot and can see myself using it again in the future. I don’t think it’s quite as original and unusual as the other polishes in the collection but not everything has to be new to be good and this is a great, shimmery, sparkly polish.


In case you missed any of my previous posts here’s a quick pic showing the 4 polishes in the Magic Collection by Giddy Polish which I bought from her shop on Etsy.


Something Blue… Catrice – Play It Blue

I remember this Catrice Candy Shock collection coming out earlier in the year and thinking the blue would be great for the wedding and waiting for it to come to the shop near me that stocks Catrice products. Of course it never did. So I ordered it from the internet but even then I had problems getting it as the delivery company held onto it for a couple of weeks saying they had left me a voice message asking me to contact them. Finally I got my hands on this polish and was keen to try it as quickly as I could!

The texture was quite different from the other blues I’ve tried and I needed 3 coats for it to look nice. It dried fairly quickly and had a semi-matte finish but not in a chalky way as I sort of expected it to. I quite liked the finish but want shiny nails for the wedding so put a topcoat over it for the photo here and for ease of comparing all the blues I’ve tried later on. I like the colour – it’s quite a cool icy blue but not in an unflattering way. I’m not sure if I like it as much as the Essie but I’ll wait til I do a proper comparison before making my choice. I still have a few more blues to swatch before then!