nail polish

Polish Packing

I’m spending 2 months in the UK this summer and that meant having to decide what polish and nail art supplies to bring with me. Obviously I didn’t want to fill my suitcase with polish (well maybe I did, but I need some work clothes etc. too!) so it was a really tough job selecting just a few polishes to last me over the next 2 months.

Here’s what I finally packed

ImageI tried to select the most useful colours for nail art, with just a light and dark shade of each colour.

I also cheated just a little bit because I had ordered a two “lucky dips” from Nails Inc a couple of months before which I had delivered to my mum’s house to pick up while I was in the UK. So if you’re thinking “hang on! she forgot a (certain colour)” for example a bright blue, here’s the picture she sent me of what I got…

ImageWhat polishes and nail art related items would you take if you were going away for 2 months?