Ciaté Mini Mani Month – Ivory Queen and Twinkle Toes Glitter

Behind Saturday’s door on the Mini Mani Month advent calendar was Ivory Queen. I wasn’t all that excited when I saw it behind the door as I thought it was yet another pink, albeit a nice peachy one, but when I took it out if the calendar and looked at it in the light I noticed it had a pretty gold shimmer to it and I became a lot more interested. It’s a very wearable shade which is subtle and neutral but with a fun edge to it when you catch it in the right light and see the gold shimmer. It had a fairly nice formula, a little on the thin side but not too streaky and looked beautiful in 3 coats. I enjoyed wearing it much more than I expected to and will probably return to it on days when subtle nails are required!


The next day I got a pot of glitter. This was my first time using loose glitter so I was a bit nervous and watched a couple of tutorials on YouTube before I tried it out. It was much easier to apply than I’d imagined and Twinkle Toes is an absolutely stunning glitter – I couldn’t stop looking at my nails! I wasn’t particularly good at the tidy up and I was disappointed that I couldn’t stop bits of glitter getting stuck to my topcoat brush and spreading across the nail on the ones I attempted glitter French tips on – I guess it’s something that takes practise and careful use of the brush. I did use a cheap topcoat as suggested by one of the tutorials I watched so it didn’t ruin any of my good stuff!
I’ll definitely come back to using loose glitter in future as it’s fun, easy and has a stunning result and Twinkle Toes is just so gorgeous with its holographic rainbows in bright sunshine! My skin looks a bit of an odd colour in this picture but I really wanted to take the picture in bright sunshine to try and capture the sparkle!


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