33DC: Recreate/Freestyle

Finally! My last post for this challenge. My New Year’s Resolution definitely needs to be to keep up with challenges and this blog better!

I’d wanted to try tie dye nail art for a while, had saved a couple of tutorials on YouTube and thought about doing it for the “something from your inspiration board” day of the challenge. However that day I had to go to a fancy dinner and didn’t want to do a mani which I knew would take absolutely ages and then have to take it straight off and paint my nails a more sensible shade… Interestingly another blogger did choose tie dye nails on the “inspiration board” day and I absolutely loved Meg’s Manicures version of tie dye nails.

So this final one is half a recreation and half freestyle as I’m not recreating Meg’s exactly but taking my inspiration from hers and a couple of YouTube videos – I especially liked this one by knailart

Mine didn’t come out as blended as I’d hoped and look a bit more like candy swirls than tie dye but it was a fun and very bright mani to do!


I used: My Boyfriend. Scales Walls – OPI, 420 – Flormar, NA07 – Flormar, Blue Collar – Orly, Violet Femme – Picture Polish, Notting. Hill Gate – Nails Inc, Westbourne Grove – Nails Inc


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