Red and gold stripes

This was my return to nail art after moving to Spain. I’d been busy and hadn’t had time for nails but once I was settled in my nice new apartment, I finally found time to be creative again.
I was inspired by the irregular stripes on my bedside lamp (used as the prop in the photo) and wanted to do something similar on my nails. Unfortunately I didn’t have the colours I needed so I went for something much brighter and bolder instead and used a bright red with gold glittery stripes.


It was much more difficult to get nice looking irregular stripes than I thought and finding a balance between quirky irregular and regular-gone-wrong was not easy. The result isn’t quite what I imagined but I was happy to have some colour back on my nails and it got me ready to start my nail art again.

I used: Revlon Red – Revlon, gold glitter -?

I love the bold classic red of Revlon Red but it is the messiest polish to clean off. It seems to stain badly and takes a huge amount of remover to get my nails looking normal and healthy after using it!

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