33DC – Most used colour polish

The theme for the second day of the Crumpet Nail Tarts challenge was a mani featuring your most used colour polish. I tried looking back over my past manis to work out which was my most used polish but didn’t get very far and decided just to go with polishes which I love and therefore must have used a lot. Blue has always been my favourite colour to put on my nails and two of my all time favourite blues are Baker Street – Nails Inc and Matte Aqua – BYS. So those are the polishes featured in this mani.

I’m still hunting for the perfect pale blue – I thought I’d found it in the gorgeously pale Blueberry Muffin – Models Own this summer until I actually applied the polish and found out it was much like spreading blueberry muffin batter on my nails… I’m also looking for a nice metallic blue that will match my new car! Anyway, getting side-tracked here with my love for blue polishes, back to today’s mani…

I was going to do something floral but wanted a kind of spiky edgy floral and ended up with something vaguely reminiscent of cactus or maybe palm trees… I added the peachy/coppery outline to stop it being to try and complement the blue and make it stand out a bit more.

I quite like the result but wish I’d taken a bit more time and made my blue leaves/petals a bit neater.


I used: Baker Street – Nails Inc, Matte. Aqua – BYS, Secret of Love – Anny


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