April 30 Day Challenge Day 20: Border Mani

I’ve never been a huge fan of the border mani so I wasn’t sure what I’d do for this day of the challenge. At first I thought it was just the colour combination that would make it work for me, but while looking at other people’s attempts at border nails I came across this gorgeous mani by Kayla Shevonne and knew I wanted to give it a try.

I’ve never really got the hang of stamping – there are a thousand other techniques I prefer but I was so inspired by Kayla’s mani that I thought it was time to have another go at it. It still came out a bit messier than I’d hoped but I did end up with a border mani that I quite liked!


I used: Floral Street – Nails Inc, Baker Street – Nails Inc.


    1. I used a short and fine striper brush and did it slowly. It did the sides first, then the bottom of the border in two strokes – starting from the edges and meeting in the middle to make it easier to follow the curve and finally the top along the tip of the nail which I did very fine to begin with and then made it thicker until it matched the other edges. Hope that helps!

      1. Ofcourse…. That does help! thanks for the detailed explanation. I am gonna try this. One last question, is it also doable on the right hand from your non functioning hand (left hand) ?

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