water spotting

33DC: A new technique for me

Oh dear, still a week behind on my posts. Next challenge I’m going to be so much more organised!

Anyway, a technique I’d been meaning to try for ages was water spotted nails. I probably should have used a nice bright base colour with black over the top like most of the tutorials I saw showed but I’d seen someone do a dark blue over light blue that was really pretty. By this point I had had blue nails for well over a week and was just craving a completely different colour so decided to go with pinks.

I think the colours were a bit too close and not contrasting enough to really make this technique work plus I struggled to get big water spots and either got tiny ones or the whole lot disintegrated! I don’t think it was a complete disaster and I quite like that there’s a way of using this technique in a more subtle way but next time I’ll try fluoro colours under black! It’s a technique I definitely want to return to and experiment with getting interesting patterns and bubble sizes with the alcohol spray.


I used: Grosvenor Street – Nails Inc, The Last Trial – Anny.