velvet nails

33DC: Texture

This was my first attempt at velvet nails. I’d bought some flocking powder ages ago but never got round to trying it so I knew I wanted to use it for this day of the challenge.
It wasn’t a great success as it looked much patchier than I’d hoped it would and ask you may notice I tried two different colours of nail polish under the flocking powder. On my ring finger I used a pink that was lighter than the powder and on my thumb a dark purple. I thought the purple looked better so used it for the French tips. It wasn’t difficult to use the powder but I think getting a nice uniform effect takes a bit of practise.
I wanted to try other designs like dots and stripes as I’d seen in this fabulous post by Polished Elegance but I think I’ll wait for another day when I have more time, patience and practise!


I used: My Boyfriend Scales Walls – OPI, Jungle Queen – China Glaze, Sensation – Colour Addict, fimo flowers – Claire’s, Fur Effect Nails – MUA