textured nail art

Textured stripes

I saw this idea ages ago before the challenge and really liked the idea of the stringy textured stripes. I didn’t go for a full rainbow effect like the original and kept it to just two bright colours and white.

On The Polish Well‘s blog it said it was a simple manicure to do, but I’m not so sure! My polish didn’t go as stringy and workable as I’d hoped it would and ended up looking a lot blobbier than it was meant to. Maybe some polishes work better than others for this technique? Plus as soon as I put a top-coat on I lost any kind of texture I ever had (The Polish Well did mention this on her blog, but I was hoping it wouldn’t smooth it out completely)

The result wasn’t bad, just not textured and striking like the original. actually, nothing like the original at all!


I used: Great Tichfield Street – Nails Inc, Nottingham Hill Gate – Nails Inc, Impulsive – Revlon, White – Bonbon.