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Techniques Challenge: Sugar Spun

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried a sugar spun mani but it’s almost certainly my most successful attempt to date. You can see my last sugar spun mani here I followed a fantastic tutorial by Kat Stays Polished this time which has both a video and picture tutorial. Seeing the long thin strands in Kat’s video really helped me understand what I was aiming for this time and where I’d maybe gone wrong before.

It didn’t even take as long as I’d feared it might and despite still having a few blobby bits I think I got much closer to the fine wispy strands of spun sugar that this look is meant to be inspired by. So glad this challenge got me to try this slightly tricky technique again!


I used: I Scream: Ice Cream РCatrice, Play it Blue РCatrice, Sumner Place РNails Inc, Artificial Sweetener РOrly, Fuscia Bucolique РBourjois, Pillow Fight РCiat̩