I wanted to try using tape again and found this stunning pop-art style explosion design by nailside which I really loved.
Unfortunately my Internet decided to die that day and I couldn’t actually look at the tutorial while trying to do the manicure. I was going to wait until another day but thought I’d try a simplified version as I had a vague memory of what the taping involved.
My memory wasn’t quite as good as I thought and my starbursts didn’t look half as good or even as the ones in the tutorial.
I still liked what I ended up doing and I think it was more successful than my last attempt at using tape.


On this manicure I also discovered Essie’s Good to Go quick dry topcoat which looked much nicer than the topcoat I’d been using previously and dried so much quicker – no more smudging my work after waiting patiently for a couple of ours only to discover it still wasn’t dry!

I used: Sensation – Color Addict, Stylenomics – Essie