sky nail art

Day 5 Pre-Spring Challange: Sky

The theme of sky seemed like one with all kinds of possibilities and a really fun one to work with. I decided to go for cute fluffy clouds in a blue sky, plus a few things that you might find up in the clouds!
This was the first time I’ve used acrylic paint in any of my nail art but it was certainly worth it as I’m sure it would have been far too difficult to do the tiny little details in polish.


It’s another one that I’m pleased with and I got a lot of comments from friends, students and random others today on these fun nails.

I used: Dreamer – Revlon, Coco – Sephora and acrylics for the hot air balloon, kite and plane.

I’m going away for the weekend tonight so won’t be posting tomorrow, but have packed a small stash of nail art supplies in my bag, so I won’t be giving up on the challenge – I’ll just be a bit late getting my entries for Saturday and Sunday up!