Ciaté Mini Mani Month Round-up

I really enjoyed my mini mani month calendar despite there being some polishes I wasn’t all that impressed with, but that’s inevitable right? I don’t think I’ve had many nail polish sets where I’ve loved every polish and half the fun of this was getting a little surprise each day.

So we’ll start with my favourites…

These are the ones I can see myself using a lot and would even consider replacing in the future. I especially loved Pillow Fight and Tweed and Tails.

As I was opening the doors I felt that a high proportion of the polishes were pinks or reds, which I know have always been the most classic nail polish shades with the widest appeal, but I’ve always thought of Ciaté as modern and innovative rather than classic. Still, there were some beautiful shades of pink and I even learned to love one (maybe two) of the reds!


(Seeing all the photos next to each other like this really shows me I need to work on the lighting in some of the photos and try to be more consistent with it!)

Next up I have the non polishes. The calendar contained 4 bottles of caviar beads, 1 loose glitter and a pot of sequins. I’d never played with loose glitter or sequins like this before and I really enjoyed the ease and impact of the loose glitter so I’ll be experimenting with this technique more in the New Year.


Finally here are four polishes which didn’t quite fit into any of the categories above. I really liked Starlet but it wasn’t quite in my top 6. Chinchilla was a lovely colour with horrible application. Snowglobe was a fun flaky holo glitter which I might get some use out of in future and I already owned Fit for a Queen which I love but didn’t think it was right to stick in the favourites list as I already knew I loved it!


So that’s it for the Ciaté Mini Mani Calendar. In case you’re wondering it cost me €42,50 and I think I got a pretty nice selection of polish for my money. I would have appreciated a wider range of colours but I think I’ll get a lot of use out of several of these polishes over the next year. What do you think of the selection in the calendar?