quilted nails

Techniques Challenge: Quilted Nails

I had a bit of a fail on this one. After looking at several tutorials I decided to use the technique of pressing dental floss or the edge of something into a layer of not quite dry polish. I made a horrible mess of it – my lines didn’t come out looking smooth, I tried various implements to make the lines with and they all looked a bit sticky and uneven. I was starting to despair when I finally decided to use the caviar beads which I was going to put in the corner of each little diamond shape, along the messy ridges I’d created.

As soon as I started doing it, I knew I’d left quilted nails behind and had moved onto a completely different technique and style. However I thought it was seasonally appropriate as my purple nails with bead lined diamonds looked quite carnivalesque.

It still isn’t my proudest achievement, the lines aren’t very straight and my diamonds are of varying sizes, but it looks a lot better than when I was attempting to create indentations for quilted nails. Perhaps I need to spend a bit more time watching tutorials and come back to quilted nails another time.


I used: Violet Femme – Picture Polish, Cupid’s Arrow Caviar Pearls – Ciaté