Well it’s been a long time since I used this blog, so despite my good intentions it didn’t quite go as planned. Can I blame it on moving continent, settling into a new job and trying to finish my dissertation for my master’s degree?!?
Anyway, although I haven’t been blogging that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing any nail art. I have loads of photos ready to upload and now my life is marginally less crazy than it was a month or so ago, I’m ready to start putting them all up on here.

This pearly nail art was my first attempt at applying any kind of 3D items to my nails. I’d hit my local ¥100 shop and found loads of bits and pieces for nail art and thought I’d give it a go. To begin with I planned to just apply one little pearl to each nail but it looked kind of strange, so I added a second one – which still didn’t look right and then ended up with a third one! Groups of three are always a good way of making something look complete, as I learned when studying design, and the three pearls together were much more pleasing to the eye.

It was fun to try out but a little bit impractical for my taste. When I realised I couldn’t remove flat magnets from the whiteboard at school, I knew I would probably use nail jewels sparingly in future.
I didn’t use any glue to attach the pearls as I had read that they would stick quite well if pressed into the nail polish while it was still drying and then covered with a top coat. They lasted fairly well, with one pearl falling off the day after I did them, but the others lasting a couple of days.

The main problem I had with these, was that when my top coat dried it left little air bubbles which makes the silvery polish look a bit strange. Not sure why this happened.

I wouldn’t rule out using nail jewels again, but I would like to think about the design a bit more next time, as these probably aren’t the greatest looking nails ever. At this stage, experimentation is the most important thing, so I can learn what I like doing, what’s fun or easy to do and what needs a lot of time and practise!

I used: Pure Pearl – Revlon, Gold glitter – ? and cheap pearls from the ¥100 store