panda nail art

Cute Pandas

This was the last bit of nail art I did before I left Japan and all the packing and organising an inter-continental move took up all my free time and left me no time for nails.

My boyfriend loves pandas and when I was browsing nail art videos on YouTube and came across this one by cutexxbeauty I knew he’d appreciate it!

It was very easy to do and I loved the result. I like that the pandas are quite simple and there’s not too much detail as some of the other tutorial videos I saw for panda nail art were more complicated and some of the pandas looked a bit strange in the end and not half as cute as these ones. Sometimes simple really is best!


The kids I taught in Japan all loved this one, and I got a few shrieks of kawaii! from my female adult students too.

Although most of the time I prefer more abstract designs, cute nail art is certainly something I’ll come back to from time to time as it’s a lot of fun!