Fingerfood’s theme buffet: Monochrome

Just about catching up with all my posts that I got behind on! Here’s my monochrome mani using two green polishes. It’s also another attempt at using striping tape which didn’t turn out too badly. Most of my lines look clean with just a couple coming out a bit squishy. I was concentrating so hard on taking the tape off quickly and cleanly after painting on the dark green polish that I ended up with some slightly messy looking cuticle lines. So much to think about!

Anyhow, I quite like this mani. It’s fun and simple and monochrome and uses one of my favourite polishes that doesn’t get that many outings – the dark green: Essie’s Stylenomics.

Hopefully from now on I’ll do better at keeping up with my posts and I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule.


I used: Take It Mint – Catrice, Stylenomics – Essie