leopard print

Tri Polish Tuesday: Pink Blue And Yellow Leopard Print

This is the last of the pink, blue and yellow Tri polish manis and it’s been a fun and versatile combination to work with. I was trying to think of a design or technique I hadn’t visited in a while and thought of leopard print. It’s always a design I worry might look a bit trashy but when I get it on my nails I really love it and don’t care if anyone thinks it’s trashy! I particularlyenjoy wearing it in bright colours so I thought I’d chose some bold shades of pink, blue and yellow for this one.

I also learnt a valuable lesson doing this mani. When I do a gradient I usually put down a white base, or the lightest colour in my gradient, but I sometimes get bored of waiting for all those layers to dry before I actually start on the gradient. So I thought maybe it would just be quicker to build up the layers of sponging without a base colour. It isn’t. It took ages! And the pink built up and became opaque much quicker than the yellow so I worried about it getting uneven. I have no idea how many layers of sponging I did but I am pretty positive that it was no shortcut!

Anyway… On to the nails!


I used: Candy Floss РCiat̩, Sumner Place РNails Inc, Incognito in Sausalito РOPI