Textured nails with an X

I was given a 20% discount voucher for Kiko, an Italian cosmetics shop which I had walked past a couple of times but never been in, so I decided to investigate. Their products were pretty cheap (3,90€ or 4,90€ for nail polish) and I noticed they had their own range of textured nail polishes which I’ve been curious about trying but not sure that I want to spend a lot of money on in case I hate them. So I bought 3 from Sugar Mat range to see what I thought.

I put a layer of black down first and then painted a think coat of the textured polish over the top. It covered fairly well and didn’t take too long to dry. I’m still not sure about the whole texture thing. When I finished I did think it just looked like a very heavy matte glitter polish, but it kind of grew on me and I’m looking forward to trying the blue I got at some point soon. Also I chose polishes which had a bit of sparkle in them, so that might be the reason I thought they just looked like glitter polishes. Kiko also have kind of matte creme textured polishes in their Sugar Mat range but somehow they didn’t appeal to me as much as the shimmery ones. Maybe I’ll try one in future when I’ve got my head around the textured nail polish trend a bit more.


I used: Black Passion – Gosh, Golden Mandarin – Kiko, Burgundy – Kiko.