Chinese New Year nails

Over the weekend I made Chinese egg tarts (which were delicious!) and did a New Year mani. I was a but stuck for ideas so I started with a subtle red gradient using a dark red and an orangey red. I knew I wanted a horse shape on one nail but was worried a silhouette (as I was originally thinking of doing) may turn out fairly unrecognisable! So I trawled google images for a nice simple horse to copy and found some lovely line drawings of horse heads. I managed to get it right first time which I was surprised and happy about! Maybe my freehand painting skills aren’t as rusty as I thought.
The other nails just got a bit of a gold glitter gradient on them so my horsey accent nail would stand out!


I used: Boudoir РCiat̩, Encore! РCiat̩, Chelsea Embankment РNails Inc, Gold Fever РSephora, white acrylic paint