Dollish Polish

Something Blue… Dollish Polish: Drop your Sword

I’d swatched this polish several weeks ago but somehow we managed to mislay the photos. We checked all the different memory cards for both the cameras my fiancĂ© has, various files on the computer but the pictures had vanished into thin air. I was debating on whether to re-swatch it as I knew I probably wasn’t going to use it for the wedding. It’s a very pretty colour and I love the mix of large and tiny gold glitters but it’s very sheer and would need a lot of coats to get the look I was hoping for for the big day.
I knew I would definitely come back to it in future though as I haven’t played with sheer polishes that much and want to experiment with them more. And just as I was thinking about how I could experiment with sheer polishes the obvious idea of layering them came to my mind. I looked at my nails which had CiatĂ©’s Fit for a Queen on them and thought these two might just be a beautiful combination. And they were! One coat of Drop Your Sword over Fit for a Queen looked fantastic and I loved the effect of a sheer blue over a sparkly silver. Suddenly Dollish Polish’s pretty blue was back in the running for my wedding nails.