33DC: Chinese

I love Chinese koi paintings – I’ve always liked fish (to look at – not to eat!) I desperately wanted an aquarium as a child and knew that scuba diving was something I had to learn to do as an adult. I think it’s the peaceful movement of the fish that attracts me and those Chinese koi paintings as so simple and beautiful and make me feel almost as peaceful as watching real fish!

So I had great inspiration but my art didn’t quite live up to my vision and my fish are not quite as beautiful and peaceful as I’d hoped they’d be. Maybe I was just being a bit too ambitious hoping to recreate the simplicity on such a small scale and still have them look like fish.

I quite like the black fish on my index finger so maybe I was starting to get the hang of it by the time I painted him…


I used: My. Boyfriend Scales Walls – OPI and acrylic paints.