GOT Polish: Chevrons

Chevrons usually mean tape and I’m really off tape at the moment! I had a horrifically messy tape disaster a week or so ago and just wasn’t in the mood for fiddly bits of tape that take ages and may not have the result I want. Rant over.

So instead I decided to try and freehand a chevron. I was inspired to do a kind of gradient chevron by Nuthin’ but a Nail Thing but doubted my ability to do such a neat gradient as she’d done without the aid of tape so decided to outline my chevrons in black.

I thought I’d done a fairly good job keeping my chevrons even but when I looked at them at the end I realised there were some pretty wonky lines in there. Perhaps it’s time to revisit taping and make my peace with it! I do love seeing the amazing manis other people create using tape and it’s something I wish I had better skills with. As much as I love to freehand as much as I can, I’m going to make myself a promise to do taped manis on a more regular basis until I get the hang of them better.


I used: Mellow Yellow – Sally Hansen, Yellow – Sweets Sweet, Psychedelic Orange – Rimmel, Revlon Red – Revlon, Victoria – Nail Art, Black – Decorative Nail