Ancient Greece

Time Periods Challenge: 5 – Ancient Greece

This one just didn’t work out. I knew I wanted to use the iconic colours of Greek pottery and had planned to have some figures of athletes running across my nail as it was also meant to be my first day back into running after my ankle sprains which I’ve been recovering from for the last couple of months. Unfortunately neither my running or my nails happened. I had a headache and couldn’t go for my run, so decided I didn’t want runners on my nails either!

Instead I opted for patterns from Greek pottery which were just a bit too intricate for me, especially when not feeling great, and my nails are a bit too short at the moment so they looked crowded and messy.

My right hand was marginally more successful. After spending far to long on what was becoming a bit of a mess on my left hand, I knew I had to do something simpler or my right. The lines aren’t very straight but the design is probably better.

Nevermind – on to the next design (and hopefully back to running tomorrow!)

Right hand

Left hand

I used: Papaya Punch – China Glaze and black acrylic paint.