3D nails

33DC: 3D

I’m not that into 3D nails as it find them a bit impractical so you’re never going to see Harajuku style nails dripping with jewels and fimo bits on this blog! Anything 3D that I do is going to be small and relatively simple. My soon to be mother-in-law had bought me a whole load of different colour caviar beads for my birthday (yay for nail art presents!) and I was keen to use them for the 3D day of the challenge.

I’d seen a lot of people use caviar beads to do a studded effect on their nails and thought I’d give it a go. Most of the studded manis I’d seen were black and silver but I thought I’d go for a girly twist on the look and use pink studs on a pastel pink base.

I got lazy by the time I did my right hand and just did simple lines rather than studding the whole thing!

These were probably the most popular nails I’ve done for a while with my younger students who just couldn’t stop touching them!!!



I used Baby Pink – Rituals, dark pink caviar beads.