Month: May 2014

Finger Food’s Theme Buffet: Something New

I’ve seen a video by @Stylish_Mom popping up all over the place recently and thought it would be a really fun one to have a go at for something new. I have never thought of using acrylic paint like this so it was a new technique for me which I really loved the look of.

I started with watered down acrylic paint colours straight out of the tube but they didn’t show up all that well over black. I found that mixing a bit of white in made them stand out much more and create a similar look to the original. It was a really easy process of dotting on little blobs of very watery acrylic paint and then touching each dot with a q-tip to soak up almost all the paint leaving the little rings. It was great to find a technique that’s so quick and easy to do and still looks really fun and cute!


I used: Lady in Black – OPI and lots of acrylics.