He Picks My Polish Again!

I really enjoyed last month’s “he picks my polish” challenge and so did my husband, so I was happy to hear that there would be another round this month.

Ed took his time looking through my polish collection and tried to pick polishes he thought would go nicely together. I loved that he chose green and purple as it’s one of my favourite colour combinations. He chose these polishes:


I Scream: Ice Cream! – Catrice, Bloomsbury Square – Nails Inc, Pearly Peacock – Kiko

I haven’t had much use out of the Nails Inc 3D glitter set so I was happy to see he’d chosen one of them. Although I loved the colours he’d picked for some reason I had a hard time thinking what to do with them. Finally I decided to go with a stripy taped mani as I’m still on a mission to improve my skills with striping tape.

I like the result but think it looks a bit like Christmas wrapping paper and perhaps isn’t the most seasonally appropriate mani I’ve ever done! It’s a fun combination of colours though and nice and bright and sparkly, so I can’t really complain! I think my striping skills are improving and are looking straighter and neater. Yay!



  1. I always love hearing if the “he” is just like “Bam! Here are the first three polishes I can grab” or if they are TRYING to be helpful and make good combos up for us. I’m glad your husband picked out colors on purpose and so well! He’s got a good eye! Your stripes look fantastic, and you’ve completely done the combo justice. So glad to have you both in the April challenge 🙂

  2. When my husband picks color combos for me he takes a while a puts thought into it too. He has a great eye for color and so does your man! Love the result.

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