Techniques Challenge: Foils

I was really looking forward to this day of the challenge as this was a technique that was completely and totally new to me and I was excited to give it a try. I bought a pack of foils and glue off ebay and watched a few tutorials before feeling ready to give it a try.

First, I found the glue a bit tricky to apply. It was fine for doing whole nails but when I tried to just do the tips I couldn’t get a neat line as the glue seemed to shrink away from the polish underneath.

I was surprised that it was relatively easy to get the foils lying flat and smooth as I had thought it would be a problem but it wasn’t at all! I had read that top-coating foils could be difficult and I tried with a couple of different non-quick dry top coats (on my non photo hand of course!) but they both made the foil break up and look a bit dull. So the picture you see is without top-coat. That’s also the reason the base colour doesn’t look as nice and smooth as usual.

I definitely want to experiment with foils a bit more and am glad this challenge got me to try them out!



  1. I had a similar problem with the glue shrinking back when I played with them earlier. Wonder if a matte base would help give it something to grip? That said I love your foil! So shiny!

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