Techniques Challenge: Galaxy Nails

I know I’m really late for this one but I actually did them much earlier in the week and then didn’t get round to posting them because I went out to see actual stars for the meteor shower that happened this week. We went out of the city to a park with some friends and had a little evening picnic while watching for shooting stars. It was a really lovely night but as I usually post on my blog in the evenings it kind of threw me even more off schedule than I should have been!

Anyway, galaxy nails! A design I really love but have only actually done once before. I’ve kept meaning to come back and try it again and this challenge is just what I needed together me going and have another go at this gorgeous technique.

I was pretty pleased with the way these turned out and like the more subtle colours I chose this time round. I’ll definitely revisit galaxy nails again soon!


I used so many different colours I don’t think it’s worth listing them all!


  1. I love these, I love the greens and teals you’ve used, I may have to try that, I usually use yellow and pink when I’m doing galaxy nails, I love how they look so complex but are actually quite simple to do. And I’m so jealous you went to see an actual meteor shower, that’s totally worth falling behind on your blog posts for! xxx

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