Tri Polish Tuesday on a Wednesday

I was doing so well and had got into a good rhythm with my blogging which I just seem to have lost recently and can’t quite get back into just now. Easter holidays and then a couple of really busy days have thrown me.

Anyhow here’s my Pink, Blue and Yellow Tri Polish Tuesday which seems to have become a Wednesday thing. I’ve wanted to try dry marbling for a while and recently saw a tutorial for really simple hearts done with the dry marbling technique. Unfortunatly I can’t find the tutorial again and whatever search terms in put in I just find kind of bright tie dye patterns and nothing like the simple but pretty hearts I saw before.

It wasn’t difficult but equally it wasn’t easy to get a really good result and some of mine look a bit untidy. I definitely think it was a good design to try for a first attempt at this technique though and maybe I’ll try something more difficult next time.


I used: My Boyfriend Scales Walls – OPI, I Just Can't Cope-Acabana – OPI, Southwark – Nails Inc, Indian Rose – Rituals


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