Fingerfood’s theme buffet: delicious

I almost forgot to post these! Delicious to me spells chocolate! So I decided to have a go at chocolate bar nails which I’ve seen in a few places including Lucy’s Stash. I tried to recreate her design with dark brown polish and gold foil and think they came out ok, but maybe not instantly recognisable as chocolate – (my husband ask me if they were doors or windows or something!)

I had fun trying them and having a go with foils even if they aren’t the most delicious chocolate bars in the world!

I’m now on my (well deserved!) Easter holidays by the beach in Almeria so I’ll try my best to get all my posts up over the next week if I’m not too relaxed and having too much fun here!


I used: Wanna Say Hello – Essence, Porchester Squarev- Nails Inc, A-taupe the Space Needle – OPI, gold foil


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