Techniques challenge: Watermarble

Oooops! I meant to post this last night but was really tired. Can’t wait for Easter holidays next week and a full week of chilling out at the beach!
Anyway here’s my unintentionally green watermarble. I didn’t actually use any green polishes to create this – I picked a dark blue and a bright yellow which I thought would be great together but somehow they blended together. I have a feeling it might be to do with the angle or speed I put my finger into the water and that as it entered the water it broke the tension that kept the bands of colour separate and they started to bleed into each other.

I still quite like some of the nails but it’s not my best watermarble. In fact my best water marbles were the first ones I ever did and I seem to have gone downhill from there! Maybe I was more careful then, using filtered water and letting it adjust to room temperature, filling the cup to a point where it was easy to lay my nail into it rather than have to plunge it in. Yep! I think I’ve just become a bit lazy with my watermarbling and need to pay a bit more attention to detail preparing for it!


I used: Incognito in Sausalito – OPI, I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana – OPI


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