He Picks My Polish

The colours for my mani today were picked by my wonderful husband Ed. He’s already pretty involved in my blog as he’s my photographer and helps my nails look their best with his knowledge of lighting and techie stuff. I thought this challenge sounded fun and he was happy to pick out some colours he liked. (Plus I trusted him to pick nice colours as he’s a talented artist and knows far more about colours and design than I do!)

The first colour he picked was a blue polish that his mum bought me a few months ago (how sweet!)the second was a pink which he thought would go well with the blue like cool clashing 80s colours, and then he picked a black textured polish which I was a bit stumped by at first. I did think he chose a really nice combination of polishes and gave me the chance to do something really fun.


I decided to run with his 80s inspiration and went for a dramatic black textured lightening bolt dividing my nail into a blue side and a pink side. I thought it looked fun and Ed gave it the thumbs up too.

It’s his birthday tomorrow and he certainly deserves something special for not only putting up with my nail obsession but actually encouraging it and helping me with it! ❀️



  1. This looks so cool and fun! When I saw the the picture of the nail polishes, I was like meh but the final result is beautiful πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Birthday to YOU! ❀ That is so sweet of your hubby to join in. I'm so glad he encourages you to keep sharing your beautiful nail art. That is just wonderful πŸ™‚

    He did a great job picking out colors, and you did a wonderful job executing a great look! Glad you both joined in! Hope to have you in future challenges. xo

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