Twin post: Snakeskin nails with the Bubbly Brunette

For March’s twin post our theme was animal print and I was paired up with the lovely Christina from the Bubbly Brunette and assigned snakeskin nails. Christina’s blog is filled with a lot of swatches of a great range of polishes and some fantastic nail art – check her out!

I came across this video tutorial which shows four ways to get a snakeskin effect on your nails. We decided to go with natural colours with a metallic scaly feel and as we both owned Just Spotted the Lizard by OPI decided to incorporate that polish which seemed very appropriate.

I was really keen to try the mesh/netting technique and went out and bought a variety of meshes to try out. It looked so easy in the video but I had a bit more difficulty with it than I anticipated. Some meshes were too absorbent and the polish soaked into them. I tried lightly sponging the polish on but that tended to result in an extremely subtle and often patchy look which wasn’t what I was going for. When I used a brush the look was better but a lot of polish either soaked through the mesh or got underneath the mesh when I wasn’t careful enough with the bristles.

I was starting to get a bit frustrated so I ended up using a sponging method but then painting bits of it back in where it looked too feint or patchy. Once I had my brush out I couldn’t resist trying to improve the design by adding a rough brown outline to make the scales stand out a bit more. (I’d wanted to use a medium brown coloured polish as the base colour originally but just couldn’t get the scales to stand out over it, so sponged white and pale brown over the base and then sponged the scales on. Adding the brown outline made me happy to be bringing the brown I’d originally wanted to use back into the design.)

So it ended up a freehand design based on a pattern of sponging through mesh. I liked the result but didn’t feel it was instantly recognisable as snakeskin which is a shame.


Make sure you go and check out what Christina did for her snakeskin nails over at the Bubbly Brunette

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