Techniques Challenge: Distressed

I couldn’t decide whether to try dry brushing or acid wash nails for this day of the challenge. After a lot of browsing of other people’s manis I saw way more dry brushed nails that I liked the look of than acid washed nails. I figured that acid wash must be tricky to get looking really good and would be better to attempt on a day when I have more time.

I started with a white base as I wanted to use some neon polishes and make them nice and vibrant. Most of the tutorials I saw for distressed dry brushed nail emphasised how important it was not to go over the top or you were likely to end up with a big sludgey mess. Of course I managed to do way too many layers and too much blending of different colours almost immediately and had to try and figure out how I could save the mani. I decided to just keep on layering the dry brushing, adding in some white layers now and again to stop it getting too dark and to bring out the neon shades more. And I think it worked in the end! Yes, it’s not as sleek as some of the pretty manis I took inspiration from (like this one by Chalkboard Nails) but they’re meant to be distressed, not sleek, right!?! For some reason this mani made me think of patterns on eighties ski jackets but that’s probably just me!


I used: My Boyfriend Scales Walls – OPI, Lime. Cocktail – Sephora, Blue Collar – Orly, Notting Hill Gate – Nails Inc, 420 – Flormar, Lady in Black – OPI


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