Tri Polish Tuesday: Green, Purple and Blue Colour Blocks

I made a promise to myself to try and get over my issue with using tape. I’ve never been very good at it, had a couple of disasters and generally don’t like the fiddliness of it. However I also know that taped manis can be absolutely stunning and I’m often wowed by what other people can create with tape, so it’s time for me to learn to love tape.
I thought colour blocks would be a good place to start and found this beautiful mani on Pinterest which I thought I’d try to recreate.
I was patient beyond what I thought I was capable of, as this required taping twice to create the design. My patience meant that the tape didn’t destroy my base colour, however I’m not sure if it was crappy tape or just my technique but I still ended up with far from crisp lines which I ended up fixing with a striping brush. So this turned out to be a mix of free handing and taping to get the effect I wanted.
I still have a long way to go if I’m ever going to love using tape, but plan to try at least one taped mani a week until I master it (or tear my hair out in sheer frustration!!!)
I quite like the result , especially with the matte top coat.


I used: Do You Lilac It? – OPI, Southwark – Nails Inc, Knightsbridge Green – Nails Inc, Lady in Black – OPI


  1. Nooo, don’t do it – stay over here on Team No Tape! I generally feel likewise – it’s hard enough wrangling a detail brush and polish; why do I want to add little bits of tape to the mix? But I’m envious of people who create all those cool geometric designs. I like the matte look of these – great colours, too.

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