Techniques Challenge: Brushstroke Mani

I’d never even heard of the brushstroke technique before this challenge but was excited to have yet another new technique to try.
I looked at a whole load of photos after watching the tutorial by Gorgeois and thought about doing a variation on the idea, like only using shades of one colour but in the end decided just to follow the tutorial as it stands, using similar polishes as I loved the look Gorgeois created. It being the first time I’d tried this technique I had no idea how well it would come out or how difficult it would be and thought not being too adventurous would be best in this situation.

I really enjoyed doing the mani, it was simple and fun and looked equally good on both my right and left hand! (Not something I can often say – my right hand is usually a slightly wobbly version of my left…) I can see myself coming back to this technique and experimenting a bit more now I understand what’s involved and the effects that could be achieved.


I used: Strong Chocolate – Kiko, Fluent Red – Kiko, Lawn Green – Kiko, Boltons Place – Nails Inc, HG32 – Layla, Princess Tears – A England


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