Tri-Polish Tuesday: Brown, pink and grey spirals

This is not how I imagined my mani would turn out at all when I sat down to do it. I’d decided to have a got at one of my least favourite techniques: taping. I don’t often get it right so this time I was trying to be super patient and wait for well over an hour for my base colour to dry. Then my plan was to have three wide bands of colour separated by thin lines of striping tape. I positioned my striping tape, painted on my bands of colour but when I removed the striping tape it pulled up my freshly painted bands of colour leaving ratty edges. The polishes were still wet but had obviously dried just enough while I’d been painting on the other colours that they didn’t come up cleanly.

Needless to say by this point I was tired, fed up and hating striping tape. I also had no plan for my mani and decided to go for something quick, simple and freehand – basically whatever popped out of my head when the base colour was dry. What came out of my head was spirals -fun and simple. Not necessarily the most inspiring mani ever or the most complicated but I quite liked the result and it made me feel a bit better about my striping tape nightmare!


I used: Fuscia Bucolique – Bourjois, Pillow Fight – Ciaté, Wanna Say Hello – Essence


  1. You say that this isn’t complicated but I can’t draw spirals like that with pencil and paper let alone with a nail brush!! It’s really pretty!
    (PS At the start of your post I thought you’d created the spirals with striping tape and wanted to know how you’d done it!!! Hehehehe!!)

    1. Thanks! Spirals with tape would be waaay beyond my abilities – I can’t even get straight lines right!!! I tend to have more luck with and more control over my freehand manis than any other technique so when all else fails I get out a really thin brush and doodle on my nails!

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