Sunday Sparkle: Fitzroy Square

I own a fair number of glitter polishes but don’t wear them as often as I’d like as I always feel like I should save them for a night out or an event befitting sparkly nails. Well at this grey and dreary time of year I’ve decided Sunday will be Sparkle day from now on and I’ll give my glitter polishes a bit of an outing to cheer up these sad wintery days.

First up is Fitzroy Square by Nails Inc which is a beautiful green and turquoise glitter with medium and fine pieces in it. It says it’s a 3D glitter and came as part of a collection of Nails Inc 3D Glitters. I couldn’t make up my mind what polish to layer it over so decided on an ombre of green/turquoise polishes. The darkest polish (on my index finger) is Stylenomics by Essie, then Emerald by Rituals (on my middle finger and I also used this colour on my thumb) after that Take it Mint by Catrice (on my ring finger) and finally CE82 by Layla. I’ve only used one coat of Fitzroy Square over each of these polishes except over CE82 as it looked a bit patchy so I added a second coat. You can see that it’s a very densely packed glitter which covers really well!

My sparkly nails have certainly brought some fun and brightness to my rainy Sunday!


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