Double Ruffian

I got loads of new polishes over Christmas and New Year as gifts from family (and gifts to myself!) My husband bought me the set of minis from the OPI San Francisco collection so I thought I’d use them for a simple ruffian mani while trying to get myself back into nail art after a bit of a break.
I’m not all that into red polishes but started with a base colour of First Date at the Golden Gate. Note to self: red is not a good choice for the base layer of a ruffian mani – it looks like red raw sore cuticles from a distance! I liked this red and can see myself using it in nail art in the future. Next I added a layer of Peace, Love and OPI which is the polish I was most excited about in the collection. It was very pretty but quite thin, I’m looking forward to trying it on its own to see how it looks without bits of red showing through next time. My final layer was of In the Cable Car-Pool Lane which is a gorgeous burgundy with great coverage. I wasn’t that excited when I saw it in the bottle but loved it once I got it on my nails!


Maybe not my neatest or most perfect manicure but good to get me back into the habit while waiting for my nails to grow back after them getting into a sorry sorry state in the freezing conditions of North Finland and the Pyrenees on my wedding and honeymoon!

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